Loss of any kind could be devastating, especially when it is most unexpected. If we could learn and grow from our losses sometimes we become mature, better and richer human beings than we were before the loss. However, it takes some effort and many life’s lessons to become ‘good’ at excavating the ‘good’ that comes from a loss. How could we become ‘good’ at learning from our losses?


Q: What are the chances of your car bursting into flames? When are you likely to expect a car to burst into flames?

A: Well, definitely not a day after it came back from a full service!

Done and dusted

Shoni Khangala’s car burst into flames the very next morning after he had collected it from service the previous day. That is a few thousands rands later and less than 24 hours after service!

This experience that took place on the morning of 15 March 2012 has turned into a major life lesson for Shoni. The incidents that took place before and after this incident (including exactly a year later on 15 March 2013) will leave you in awe regarding meaning that could be derived from some types of losses. Through a carefully crafted and well delivered message Shoni uses the above experience to share deep insights and valuable lessons that could be learnt from some losses. You will learn about:

  • Accepting and honouring your losses
  • Coping with an unexpected loss
  • How to become EQUAL TO a forced change
  • Deriving meaning and value from loss
  • Turning a loss into an advantage


(Lessons from The Most Unexpected Blaze – see above)

Usually when a crisis hit many businesses are caught off-guard with no clear direction as to how to deal with the PR implications of the crisis, as well as most importantly, how to prevent a crisis from impacting negatively on Brand Loyalty – and ultimately the bottom line! Despite service recovery strategies that many businesses do have in place, a crisis could throw into chaos even the most perfect customer service recovery plans. Shoni’s talk draws from the experience of a car that burnt down a day after receiving full service. This talk is a must to those who would like to learn how to strengthen and retain Brand Loyalty amid crisis.

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