Nothing is at the heart of organizational success than the Business Strategy and the People who are charged with implementing it. In our quest to help transform potential of businesses, at Potential Exponents we provide management consulting services with specific emphasis on Strategy Development and Implementation. We assist organizations in developing strategy that is aligned with the culture, resources and the people who are at the heart of implementing the strategy. We take extra care in ensuring that the business strategy suits the operating environment; that the culture supports the strategy; and that leadership is appropriate for the culture the business is trying to create.

Our interventions thus include:

Facilitation and development of Strategy

Developing an appropriate Culture

Building appropriate Leadership


Change management

We offer other various supplementary services aimed at ensuring a Strategy that delivers business results. The above services are offered for both Private and Public sectors.


At Potential Exponents we believe in forming strong and powerful partnerships and collaborations with other players in the fields we operate in. We are grateful for the association that we have had since 2013 with Change Designs (an international Strategy Consultancy company with over 20 years’ experience).