The passion and love for helping and empowering others comes from a deep appreciation and love for life itself.

Shoni Khangala is a Qualified ILS Life and Business Coach. He achieved his Coaching qualification as one of the Best ILS Coaching International has produced to date. Not only is he a Certified ILS Coach, he is a Master Coach – having obtained his ILS Master Coach qualifications with flying colours! ILS Master Coach is ILS’s top qualification and which has been awarded ACTP accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Shoni is also an ILS Enneagram Coach. He is a COMENSA Registered Coach. Shoni served on COMENSA’s Ethics Portfolio Committee for three and half years (October 2015 – May 2019).


See ILS Coaching Credo, Definition and Mission Statement

Shoni Khangala provides coaching to individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, Managers and CEO’s of small and big businesses.

At Potential Exponents we only assign Certified ILS Master Coaches to our clients – no designation lesser than Master Coach!

Areas we cover in our coaching interventions include but are not limited to:

Group coaching is also provided to help individuals achieve team or organizational objectives. Group coaching is conducted at ours or at the clients’ premises. Potential Exponents is fortunate enough to have an exclusive preferential arrangement with one of Cape Town’s top luxury hotels which offers top of the range conferencing facilities – as part their Enterprise Development initiatives. Whilst these facilities are subject to availability, all efforts will be made to accommodate Potential Exponents and its clients.

Coaching is provided in a safe environment; and is tailored according to the client’s needs. References from satisfied clients (which includes CEOs) is available upon request. In several occasions the feedback received is simply Heart-warming Coaching Feedback. NB. Names of individual Coachees have been withheld to maintain confidentiality. 

An example of tools for coaching obstacles  

As a Guest on Cape Television’s ‘New Horizons‘, Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) shares an example of one of InnerLifeSkills® tools used to coach clients through obstacles. 

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Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder: Potential Exponents)


Potential Exponents offers ETDP SETA Accredited (NQF-aligned) Programme in Coaching and Mentoring. This Programme is aimed at those people in the organization who have a greater influence on how others perform. These include Line Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Skills Development Facilitators and others involved in Human Resource Management.

The accredited Coaching and Mentoring program is the flagship of Potential Exponents’ accredited offerings.


To appreciate Potential Exponents’ contribution to the community during 2015 read the article “Seeing Ability in others“, which was shared with decision-makers on Linkedin on 11th October 2015; as well as a post “A Life has been changed” posted in 2017.

During 2014 Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) committed himself to a 10-months period with SA-Yes (South African Youth Education for Sustainability) as a Volunteer Mentor.

Many abused, neglected and abandoned children land up in Children’s Homes. Whilst the Homes provide much needed support for the children, when they reach a period when they must leave, many young people end up living on the streets, and in some cases resorting to drugs and crime. Shoni was part of SA-Yes’s mentoring programme which fills the gap between leaving a Home and living independently.

The depth and level of challenges faced in these situations has further enhanced and strengthened Shoni’s capacity in other different types of coaching and mentoring relationships.