‘P to the Power e’!

Mr Shoni Khangala, CEO and Founder.

Mr Shoni Khangala, CEO and Founder.

Potential Exponents was founded and declared in 2005, whilst the Founder was still in full time employment at one of South Africa’s iconic tourist and heritage landmarks – Robben Island Museum.

Following just over 13 years working at Robben Island (a World Heritage Site), the Founder, Shoni Khangala, decided to move on and to provide full time focus on Potential Exponents, so that it could realize its own ‘Potential’ and live up to its name.

The re-positioning of the company reviewed among others ownership, partnerships and associations. Investigations for new partnerships and associations are ongoing. The company is currently owned by Shoni Khangala as its CEO and Founder.


We deliver value our clients in the following areas: Motivational Speaking; Coaching and Mentoring; Skills Development; Management Consulting and Entrepreneur Support. The company is an Accredited Training Service Provider (Reg no. 12403).

To ensure that we continuously grow our capacity to deliver nothing else but high quality seamless service to each and every one of our clients, we have formed powerful associations with other experts in our areas of focus. We count among our Associates – a Wellness expert, a Health expert, as well as highly qualified and experienced Speakers, Coaches and Consultants. We have highly knowledgeable and dynamic Facilitators, as well as Assessors and Moderators to support our SETA Accredited Training Programmes.

We look forward to transforming your potential or that of your business exponentially!