It is generally well known that most entrepreneurial pursuits fail to take off, or in most cases fizzle out within the first few years. There are several reasons why there is such a high rate of failure among Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. Whilst many decry lack of funding as the key most significant impediment, lack of skills and poor business planning are certainly up there with the main causes of failure. With such a high rate of failure of small businesses, Entrepreneurs need help to prevent some of the most obvious pitfalls and risks associated with high rate of failure.

At Potential Exponents we provide the following services to support Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses:

Coaching services: 

Our full range of Coaching services (See Coaching and Mentoring) is available to Entrepreneurs on various aspects that are crucial to the success of their businesses. These include:

  • Marketing and/ or Business plan/ strategy

We work with Entrepreneurs on a short, medium or long-term basis to support them in the development of their Marketing and/or Business Plan/Strategy.

  • Personal and Professional Life

We coach Entrepreneurs in the alignment and balancing of their personal and professional lives. Areas covered include Time Management, Planning, Work Life balance, Managing Stress, Goals, Motivation, etc.

Training services

All our SETA Accredited Programmes and short courses (See Training under Skills Development) are available to support Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.