There is a Locust Leg under my Pap image

There is a Locust Leg under my Pap

This talk inspires people to take stock of their life experiences, to accept and embrace even some of the most difficult or traumatic challenges they might have faced; and to use some of these experiences to craft a powerful and inspiring narrative – as part of creating a new reality.

The talk also inspires all those who dare dream, to follow their dreams despite their personal circumstances. It encourages people to put their personal circumstances aside (however challenging), and to follow their dreams and become the Best they could ever be!

Check out a short showcase of this talk below in front of an audience of approximately one thousand. The showcase was at the PechaKucha, a highly pressured Speaker environment, where Speakers have to strictly adhere to 20 slides, each slide only 20 seconds (timed!), and only speak for 6 minutes 40 seconds.

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Helping you find your own ‘Locust Leg’

Rupert Maskell of Cape Town Television asks Shoni Khangala “what exactly is this ‘Locust Leg’?”. Is it some form of ‘power’?

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Shoni Khangala is a Professional Speaker and Member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa


INTERTWINED WITH DISABILITY – Conspiring to Conquer the World

Intertwined with Disability 

The Inspirational Keynote “Intertwined with Disability – Conspiring to Conquer the World” is about 5 very special people who have impacted the life of Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) in the most profound ways.

  1. Dr Daniel Rambane (centre left above), who due to his disability might not have started schooling – until Shoni Khangala’s intervention! At the time he intervened in Daniel’s life, Shoni was only seven years old. Today Daniel has a PhD in Mathematics and works at Statistics South Africa. They have been friends for more than 40 years. Daniel is not only Shoni’s best friend, he is also his inspiration.
  2. June Bothma (nee Lindeque; bottom right above) who taught Shoni Sign Language back in 1999/2000. June is deaf and she is working on a quest to ensure that hearing people could appreciate the plight, language and ‘culture’ of the deaf people. June and Shoni are still friends to date. Shoni’s journey in Sign Language has empowered him with many life lessons, and June is still part of that journey!
  3. Ricardo Abrahams (bottom left above), a youth with learning and speech challenges, whom Shoni mentored for 7 months during 2014. At the time of Shoni’s intervention Ricardo was desolate, as he had just experienced an abrupt closure with a previous ‘Mentor’. From the beginning of their mentorship programme they just clicked, and Ricardo bloomed like a flower and started to take full responsibility for the outcomes of the mentorship programme.
  4. Glenn-Douglas Haig (top right above), an ILS Master Coach and Lead Trainer who has taken the reigns of his destiny and is championing a World of enlightened people; after his life was transformed in the most drastic way. Under Glenn’s leadership Shoni became one of ILS Top Master Coach Achievers. Glenn and Shoni have now formed a joint venture where they do some of their coaching work together.
  5. Palesa Tsolo (bottom left above), a BA Psychology graduate whose dream to conquer the world has to also contend with the challenges associated with her disability. Shoni has taken Palesa under his wings and is coaching her for the entire 2015. Together they are slowly moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

The talk inspires people to craft powerful, inspiring narratives for themselves, irrespective of any adversity that forms the basis of their story. It is also a call for a change on our perceptions of ‘ideal’ role models. If you want your team to become motivated, future and solution-focused, to be catapulted forward, and not be trapped in past stories, past mistakes or excuses, then this talk of for you!

Check out a short showcase of this talk below in a high pressure Speaker environment, at the PechaKucha, where Speakers have to strictly adhere to 20 slides, each slide only 20 seconds (timed!), and only speak for 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Imagine what the impact of this full Keynote could be for you and your team. Book now for a full Keynote of this talk, and put your team on a fully solutions-focused path!

For an appreciation of the plight of people with disabilities in South Africa, especially in the workplace, please refer to the sterling work of Anton Francois Van Staden who wrote his PhD thesis (2011) on “A Strategy for Employment of People with Disabilities”. 


This talk is about extra-ordinary Life Changing events that could alter the course of our lives. It is also about the choices we make when faced with such events.

This talk owes its origin to an incident that took place on the night of 08th October 1999 at 23h25 when Shoni Khangala was busy practicing Sign Language. Shoni attended sign language classes for a full year two evenings per week, the same year he was also studying for a Master’s Degree – for which he graduated as Top Student.


The event that took place on that night has become an awesome metaphor for the lessons shared in this talk, regarding the choices we make when confronted by certain Life Changing events.

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