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Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder: Potential Exponents)

Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents): Panellist SA Brand Summit 2019. See link below for the list of Panellists:

Highly efficient and successful organizations are the ones where people make the most of opportunities with limited resources that they have. They are ones where people are focused on solutions, and not on problems.

  • Do you want a solution-focused workforce?
  • Do you want employees who seek solutions instead of pointing fingers at each other, at situations and at management on why things are not going according to plan?
  • Do you want teams that make the most of even the most challenging circumstances and in fact turn adverse situations into solutions?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) should be your next Motivational Speaker.

Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) provides Speaker services in the following areas:

  • Inspirational and Motivational talks (Corporates, NGO’s, Government, Entrepreneurs, Tertiary Institutions)
  • Events and functions (e.g. launches, various corporate functions)
  • Societal dialogue (participation in various platforms addressing topical issues). He is one of the Panellists for the upcoming SA Brand Summit and Awards in 2019:
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Shoni Khangala as Master of Ceremony: Casual Day Show and Tell – Table Bay Hotel. Casual Day is a project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

” Shoni; We could not have chosen a better MC than you for today. Your personal stories were brilliantly woven into the script and were really heartfelt. Thank you for your work today. It was a lovely day!!!! Have a great Weekend”

– Andrea Vinassa (Publicity and Promotions for Casual Day)

Shoni Khangala uses some of his most fascinating, unique and dynamic skills to deliver powerful messages to his audiences. With competency in the use of a martial art weapon which he learnt at the age of 10, in juggling, and in Sign Language; Shoni offers out-of-the box skills in delivery high-impact messages, which takes the audience out of their comfort zone – whilst leaving a long-lasting impact and impression on them

Shoni Khangala is a Professional Speaker and Member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.


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Check out Shoni Khangala in action below, as Keynote Guest Speaker – inspiring young adults on Mandela Day.

Shoni Khangala is a Certified ILS Life and Business Coach Master Coach, an ILS Enneagram Coach and Licensed Master Coach Trainer!

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‘Locust leg’ hits the airwaves!

One of Shoni Khangala’s inspirational talks ‘There is a Locust leg under my Pap’ featured on Cape Town Television on Monday 31 August 2015. Shoni Khangala was invited as Guest on ‘New Horizons’, one of the popular programmes on Cape Town Television, where he shared insights behind this powerful and inspiring narrative. Here Rupert Maskell of Cape-TV asks Shoni how a martial art weapon (nunchucks) fits into the narrative of his talk.

Discover the range of topics that Shoni Khangala speaks on!

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