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If you are introducing anything new at all (Change!) generally people would be averse, resistant or even paralysed by the fear of it! Whether it’s a new strategy for the business, a change in business processes and procedures, moving premises; or even reducing (or increasing!) the number of parking spaces – any change has to be well managed or it could lead to disastrous or unintended consequences for your business.

Do not underestimate the value of a Coach in helping you manage change in your organization.

As an ILS Master Coach Shoni Khangala utilizes a vast range of creative tools and nuggets to help you facilitate change in your

Apart from facilitating change through coaching, Potential Exponents offers a SETA Accredited (NQF-aligned) Change Management Programme. The Programme is aimed at those at the heart of implementing change within an organization. organization.

Contact us and let us be part of a successful and prosperous change for you and your organization!