What is at stake?


What’s at stake?

Too often incorrect decisions are made, simply due to people failing to appreciate ‘what is at stake’.

Wrong solutions or recommendations are usually proposed, simply because people do not understand what really is at stake.

Many a resolution have been taken by groups of people who failed to sit down and try to comprehend what is at stake.

All the above tend to result into disastrous consequences for all concerned.

One of the things that any leader could do to assess whether his or her team truly appreciate what is at stake, is to simply go on leave.

I have witnessed a number of situations where projects collapsed when the team leader went on leave. At times new dynamics suddenly crop up, leading to focus and momentum being disrupted – simply because the team leader has gone on a well-deserved break.

In volatile situations, going on leave could kick-start allegations, investigations and ultimately suspensions, which are usually followed by even more undesirable consequences – all this emanating from the leader daring to go on leave!

You may wonder why I bring the issue of the leader going on leave, instead delving into the subject matter – ‘What is at stake?’

I recently witnessed an incident where whilst the leader was on leave, a ‘dedicated and committed team of professionals’ missed a crucial deadline, with disastrous consequences for all concerned, i.e. the team, the leader, the clients and the company.

When the leader asked one of the team members why he was not contacted whilst this disaster was unfolding, the response was: “We did not want to disturb you whilst you were on leave”.

Can you image how furious this leader became at this response? In his own words: “These people don’t realize that by missing this deadline none of us would have any leave to take in the first place; since we all would not even have our jobs. They do not realize what is at stake”.

Potential Exponents is fortunate enough to be in a position to help this leader and his team, to put a reliable plan and strategy in place, so that everyone is on the same page regarding what is at stake.

Think of any personal or professional decision that you are currently facing. Do you truly appreciate what is at stake? Really? If you are a team leader, does your team genuinely appreciates what is at stake?

At Potential Exponents, we employ deep, creative and powerful tools and nuggets to help you appreciate what is truly at stake, when taking crucial personal and organizational decisions.

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents


“When freedom is at stake, your silence is not golden. It’s yellow.” – Tom Anderson