The Power of ‘Strange coincidences’

How many times have you had encounters that you have referred to as ‘strange coincidences’?

Have you ever asked yourself why we sometimes label some coincidences in our lives, ‘strange coincidences?’

Has it occurred to you that by referring to them as ‘strange coincidences’ we could be preventing ourselves from making too much of these coincidences?

In fact, in some instances we could be trying to prevent the coincidence from leading us into believing something we do not want to believe in; or making sure it does not lead us into facing challenges we would prefer not to face; or perhaps making changes we would rather avoid to make.

Catch yourself calling a ‘coincidence’ a ‘strange coincidence’ – especially coincidences that are too close to home, because those are the ones we tend to push away too quickly. Referee yourself offside whenever you catch yourself labelling a ‘coincident’ a ‘strange coincident’.

Having said this, I know you might be tempted to say: but some coincidences are really ‘strange’.

The essence of this message is to encourage you to learn to embrace your ‘coincidences’, and not be too quick to label them ‘strange’, and in the process disregard or push them away. Make peace with your ‘coincidences’; learn to embrace your coincidences.

Learn to ask yourself often: What could be the gift that this coincidence is bringing to me?

With this new perspective on how you view your ‘coincidences’, and beginning to see the value and the Power behind ‘Strange coincidences’, you will be amazed how ‘strange’ things come together!

At Potential Exponents we help you embrace the Power behind ‘Strange coincidences’, so you can see them as part and parcel of the YOU that you are striving to become.

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents