The Deep Seed of Gratitude…..

Seed of Gratitude

The Deep Seed of Gratitude…

A day after I drafted this article, a little voice from within whispered to me: “Why don’t you put your insights to the test? Take this opportunity and give your mother a call, and express gratitude for all that she is and has done for you!” The results following my call to my mother were not quite what I expected…..

It has since dawned on me that the seed of gratitude goes deep; you will never know what it could evoke. It has also become abundantly clear to me that by embracing a culture of showing gratitude, we could reduce the number of unsung heroes in society.

Who are the unsung heroes in your life?

What if you could reduce the number of unsung heroes in your own personal life? Imagine if you could pay all your dues of gratitude to the people and situations that made you the person that you are today. How would that change your life?

So often we hear praises being heaped on people who are no long with us. “He was, she was”…. And so it goes. Unfortunately, in some cases the praises are accompanied by regrets: “I wish I had expressed my love more often; I never quite showed him/ her how much I appreciated what he/ she did for me”.

How can we reduce the amount of unsung heroes in our lives? One definite way is by showing deep and sincere gratitude more often to those people and situations that truly moulded us to who we are.

Most people who have done great wonders and miracles for others do not seek any payment in return. In fact, in most cases all that is required is deep sincere gratitude.

By practising and living a life of ‘Gratitude’ you will save yourself an agony of regrets for not having expressed gratitude when time was still on your side. Most importantly, you would have given the most valuable gift to the people who deserve it the most.

Just as you probably set your own personal goals, consider setting yourself a ‘Gratitude Plan’ and implementing it to the letter. Remember: it does not have to involve a budget! It is not about money, it is about meaning.

Back to my mother’s reaction when I gave her my gratitude call: She cried, and reminded me that I have always shown gratitude! Thankfully hers were not the tears of pain, but rather the tears of gain from the gift of gratitude.

What are you grateful for today? And whilst you are at it, what are you even more grateful for?

Now, go out there and express gratitude!

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents

“Tears are the words a heart can’t say”. – Unknown