Staying humble, focused and grounded – despite success!


Be humble in success…

At the beginning of 2015 my services as a Life and Business Master Coach were engaged by a young upcoming Executive, when he got appointed to a senior position to spearhead an exciting pioneering project. The aim of our coaching relationship was to guide him through any obstacles he could encounter, as he came to grips with his new challenges and responsibilities.

The coaching took off like a rocket, with full commitment on both sides. We stuck to our coaching contract, and have worked tirelessly and cooperatively towards the contract goals, without skipping any coaching sessions – which have all been conducted via Skype, given the long distance between us.

Since the coaching begun I have seen my Coachee growing in confidence; moving from fear to being in full control, discarding limiting beliefs and facing his challenges head-on.

Recently, a few months into our coaching relationship he reached a major milestone. The project got launched and he became an Influencer (if not ‘celebrity’) overnight!

With this major breakthrough came some new challenges. He became so busy that for the first time we had to postpone our planned coaching session. When this happened I begun to wonder: Was he going to keep his head? Was he going to start feeling that ‘he had arrived’, and perhaps start believing he would no longer require coaching? If so, would that be the right decision or would it come at a great cost to him in the long term?

Two weeks after we had been out of touch due to his recently very hectic schedules, it has been a relief to finally have our face to face meeting when he flew to Cape Town. The biggest surprise for me out of this meeting was his request that we increase the frequency of our coaching sessions. This was of course exactly the opposite of what I had thought would happen.

My Coachee has remained humble, grounded and focused despite success. Despite what looked like achievement, triumph and ‘arrival’ we will be intensifying our support and coaching for this young upcoming Executive. If his attitude is anything to go by he is bound to become a major force in SA’s corporate landscape!

How do you deal with unexpected or ‘overnight’ successes as a Coach or as a Coachee? As a Coach, do you have people firing you as soon as they taste success? As Coachee do you fire your Coach as soon as you see the first signs of success?

At Potential Exponents we help you keep your eyes on the prize…., and to remain humble, focused and grounded – despite success! Book your free assessment coaching session, and let the journey begin (083 628 3428 or

Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents

“Never let your success get to your head. Never let your failure get to your heart”. – Unknown