Start believing in yourself….


When the sap is flowing and all other internal and external conditions are optimal, nothing could stop blooming flowers from giving way to healthy delicious fruits.

When the dream is crystal-clear, resources are abound and others are cheering you to go ahead and make it happen, there is still one thing that could stop you – YOU!

Self-confidence and self-belief are crucial ingredients for the success of any dream, goal or venture.

When an eagle learns to fly, there is that one crucial moment when a decision has to be made to let go of all fear and to soar. Once that decision has been made at the right time and under right conditions, there is no more looking back!

The most difficult decision in fulfilling any dream is in identifying that right moment, letting go of inhibitions and getting on with it.

Unfortunately we live in an environment where there is just too much noise coming our way. Listening to all the noise and making it part of your story and reality could stifle your dream. Some will tell you how quick it was for them to find their mojo and become successes overnight. Others will tell you that it took them a century to get to where they are today!

It is always important to know that you have your own reality. Do not allow other people to set out the time-table and itinerary for your dreams. Try and follow these two pieces of advice:

Do not underestimate your own experience:

There are people who advocate the path they have travelled as the only way to succeed. Be mindful that yours could be an even more strategic path. When confronted with the ‘know-it-all’ and ‘only-my-way’ noises it is important that before you feel less adequate you ask yourself the following question: What life experiences have prepared me for this journey in a way that is unique and special, in order for me to succeed in my chosen path? You will be amazed how your own humble beginnings could perhaps be even more advantageous.

Strive to obtain feedback:

Look for feedback wherever you can find it – be it from the environment, other people pursuing a similar dream, friends, family, and wherever else. However, the aim for you seeking feedback should be to help build and improve your plans, not to fuel fears or to adopt other people’s stories. Learn to distinguish between constructive, genuine feedback and one laced with all elements meant to discourage you (there’ll be plenty of the latter!). Do not forget to listen to feedback from within your inner wisdom – this is the most valuable form of feedback. However, you have you learn how to tap into it. Ultimately, when the feedback from all these sources is overwhelmingly positive, who are you not to believe in yourself? Start believing in yourself, and go for your dream!

At Potential Exponents, we employ deep, creative and powerful tools and nuggets to help you tune into your inner wisdom, so you could to start believing in yourself.

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams”. – Unknown