Inner Success (e.g. personal growth, spiritual discovery): Inner Success is stable and long-lived resulting in a feeling of fulfilment, inner joy and contentment, whatever the external circumstances.

Outer Success (e.g. fame and fortune): Outer Success is transitory and short-lived resulting in a feeling of emptiness or despair once it has passed.

tangiers casino It is possible for the individual to experience both Inner and Outer Success – since the one or other is needed to satisfy both the needs of the Inner and Outer Selves at different stages of one’s self development. Generally speaking as one grows in experience and maturity, the needs of the Outer Self give way to those of the Inner Self – and mostly disappear for the truly spiritually mature person.

online roulette game Sadly, most people never develop beyond the Outer Success stage, and die without ever experiencing the presence of the Inner Self.

Source: Dalton N.W (2010)