From “Everything is gone!” to “Thank you loss!”


The trauma of loss could be quite devastating; especially when the loss came most unexpectedly.

Loss could at times be life-threatening at two levels:

  • When the loss involves the very things that our livelihood depend on; e.g. loss of a business or loss of a job.
  • When our reaction to loss is such that we lose all sense of coping; and perhaps even the passion to live.

A few days ago when I endured some devastating loss, I felt so hopeless. I lost count how many times I uttered the words: “Everything is gone!” However, thanks to the small voice (the Coach behind the scene) that kept asking: “Everything? Really?”

Three days after the loss I was at a completely different space – the space of “Thank you loss!”

The loss now feels more like a gift, a wake-up call that came at the right time – before it was too late. I am now much happier that this loss arrived at this stage of my life, my profession and my business. I now cringe at the thought of having met this loss a few months or even years later from now.

What an amazing transition? From “Everything is gone!” to “Thank you loss!”

Loss is not easy! What gift are you missing from your loss?

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Shoni Khangala

CEO and Founder: Potential Exponents

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