Empowering you to become your own Coach

One of the most valuable life’s gifts is to have access to a Coach 24/7.

A Coach that:

  • Points you in the right direction;
  • Guides you towards your goals;
  • Helps you define or redefine your standpoint;
  • Picks you up when you are down;
  • Loves you unconditionally;
  • Does not judge you.

Not a Coach that:

  • “Tells you I am available 24/7 except between 9.00 p.m. and 07.30 a.m.; or except during the day when I am busy”.

Fortunately there is such a Coach. It’s YOU!

At Potential Exponents, we coach you with the ideal that one day you should never have to call on us.

Self-Coaching can be learnt without necessarily becoming a Coach yourself. It is not an easy journey, but we are prepared to walk it with you. Let us help you develop the Coach within, as we unravel your own life’s issues through Inner Life skills coaching.

Book your first free Coaching session and let the journey begin.

Shoni Khangala – Certified ILS Life and Business Master Coach