Don’t be marked ‘Absent’ in your own ‘Life Attendance Register’

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Self-love: Be there for yourself…..

From the perspective of the quest of a paperless green existence, the Attendance Register can be viewed as one of the culprits that could be blamed for the demise of trees.

An Attendance Register is filled daily around the world in places such as classrooms, conferences and workplace meetings.

There is one phenomenon that is usually viewed as a problem – i.e. ‘non-attendance’ or ‘Absenteeism’.

Absenteeism comes in many forms:

When someone says ‘’you were not there for me’’, they are alleging that you have been ‘Absent’ in an area of their life, where they could have benefited from your presence.  For example, a spouse who was left to fend for her/himself and the children may say these words. Similarly, a child who was left to be raised by a single parent may say the words “you were never there for me”.

Absenteeism has been blamed for many ills in society. It is a dreaded phenomenon which could bring workplace productivity to its knees. It can also been blamed for shattered dreams of many would-be-graduates.

Apart from absenteeism from work, from the classroom or from other people’s life, what other form of ‘Absenteeism’ is likely to impact your life?

What if there was such a thing called a personal ‘Life Attendance Register? Would you be marked more often ‘absent’ or ‘present’ in your own ‘Life Attendance Register?’

You see, too often were are concerned about being ‘present’ for this and that meeting, for this and that seminar; or being ‘there’ for this or that person. We sometimes forget to be ‘there’ for own selves, and to be marked ‘present’ in our own ‘Life Attendance Register.

Being present to your own Life means being in touch with who you are, with your needs and with your personal journey. It means holding yourself accountable regarding where you are and where you are going. In the aviation terms it means ‘putting your own oxygen mask first before helping fellow passengers!’

Let us help you to be there for yourself; and not to be marked ‘Absent’ in your own ‘Life Attendance Register’.

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents


“Self-love is the best way to find true love”. – Unknown