Decoding your ‘Coincidences’…..


How serious do you regard your ‘strange coincidences’?

I recently wrote an article encouraging readers to learn to embrace their ‘coincidences’, and not be too quick to label coincidences as ‘strange’, and in the process disregard them.

I argued that by referring to our coincidences as ‘strange’ we could be preventing ourselves from facing the meaning and implications of our coincidences.

I went on to encourage readers to rather always ask the question: What could be the gift that this coincidence is bringing to me?

In this article I apply the above insights to the ‘strange coincidence’ that I encountered today (04/06/2015).

At 10.57 a.m. I received a call from a guy I last interacted with more than 28 years ago (before I came to study at UCT in 1987). He was in a desperate situation; unemployed and facing difficult times; he needed guidance!

At 11.23 a.m. I received a call from a lady I had not heard from since just more than 10 years ago. She was in a desperate situation; unemployed for years; recently lost her mother and also spent her every cent on the treatment of her brother who had been suffering from leukaemia. She needed guidance!

The above incident would not have been strange if I had just won the lotto and chose not to be anonymous; or if I had recently featured on national media broadcasts (for the right reasons!).

Apart from both being in desperate situations, there were three things that stood out common between these two people: 1) they both knew me; 2) neither was asking for financial assistance (if at all, at least not explicitly!); 3) neither knew that I am a Life and Business Master Coach.

Apart from the three things mentioned above I cannot figure out any much else common between these two people, who live approximately 2000 kilometres apart. The guy is based in the Limpopo Province whilst the lady is based in the Western Cape. They don’t know each other and they have never met. However, today they each decided to step out of decades of silence and approached me for guidance.

So how did I decode this ‘strange coincidence’? Well, just as I advocate, I asked myself: What could be the gift that this coincidence is bringing to me?

The gift of this coincidence was a reminder that what I am today, I have always been (although I never knew all along!). It was a reminder that I am on purpose. It was a reminder that whilst I touch and change people’s lives as a Coach, I have always done so in the past and that I must continue to do so. It was a signpost that said “continue what you have always done and what you are doing now; live your purpose, live your dream – you are on the right path!” That’s a worthy gift, which was uncovered by applying the above question, in conjunction with an ILS coaching nugget that we refer to as The Apple Tree.

What might be the gift that your next ‘strange coincidence’ could be bringing to you?

At Potential Exponents we help you embrace the Power behind ‘Strange coincidences’, so you can see them as part and parcel of the YOU that you are striving to become.

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach

Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents

“The apple tree is your true self. Now is the time, it’s time to rise to the full stature of your being. You are an apple tree and it’s time to free who you are. It is time to BE your apple tree self“. – Colleen-Joy Page