Coach Training

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Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder: Potential Exponents)


Not only is Shoni Khangala (CEO and Founder of Potential Exponents) a Certified ILS Master Coach, he is also a Licensed and Qualified InnerLifeSkillsĀ® (ILS) Master Trainer.

What does this mean?

This means Shoni Khangala can train you or your employees to become Certified ILS Coaches; or train your employees and management to acquire coaching skills through any of ILS Coaching Courses, which have ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours).

You can now enrol and be trained by Shoni Khangala, in any of ILS standard Coaching programmes such as Coach 101, ILS Coach or the ILS Master Coach program, which has ICF (International Coach Federation) ACTP accreditation.

Shoni also offers customized Coaching interventions, which focus on organization-specific objectives.

ILS Coaches have access to approximately 111 powerful nuggets! Imagine a Coach-wise management team that empowers and coaches employees through their obstacles and limiting beliefs!

To make an enquiry regarding ILS Coach Training programs offered by Potential Exponents email Shoni Khangala at

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